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Sale & Lease Back

Purchasing items involves great financial expense. We offer the Sale & Lease Back option so that you don’t have to make savings in other areas. Retain your liquidity.

Purchase – without financial pressure

Does a purchase sound final? It doesn’t have to. With Sale & Lease Back, you retain liquidity despite high spending.

Refinancing for more liquidity

Create liquidity after purchasing an item. All you need to do is sell the item on to us and rent it back. Sounds like a simple solution? That’s because it is. And, what’s more, your item of choice is practically financing itself. This is because using the item brings in a profit that you can use directly for the instalments throughout the term of the renting contract.

An overview of the benefits

There must be a catch to such a simple financing option? Our answer: no. Instead, there are many benefits to Sale & Lease Back.

Easy to plan

Regular instalments make finance planning easier.


You can give yourself financial leeway fast.


You can determine the contract term.


Your GRENKE contact person is on hand for you with advice.

How does Sale & Lease Back work?

Once an item has been purchased, you are able to use the Sale & Lease Back option. Simply sell your item to GRENKE. We then conclude a renting contract with you so that you can continue to use the item. 

Once the contract expires, you decide what you want to do. Would you like to choose a new item? Or continue to use the same one? Your GRENKE contact person discusses the options with you.

Your GRENKE contact person

Do you have any more questions about Sale & Lease Back? Our contacts will provide you with answers. Simply enter your location to find your contact person.

GRENKE: Experience builds trust

Sometimes things can be so simple. With GRENKE, it’s always simple. Because we know exactly what we’re doing. Sale & Lease Back is just one of the many examples.

We help you wherever we can.

Our experience with SMEs has taught us a thing or two: mainly how businesses work and what they need. Which is why we have set ourselves the aim of providing solutions that take the weight off entrepreneurs’ shoulders. We make sure to help you wherever we can.

Sale & Lease Back in your product portfolio

Sale & Lease Back has won your over as a dealer. Buy or rent – give your customers the flexibility to simply switch financing. But how do you do it? Become one of our GRENKE partners.

Do you want to be one of our partners?

Score points with your customers. We give you everything you need to do it: financing solutions, personal consultations and a long-term partnership. 

Something else that may interest you

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